co třeba článek v angličtině? :D

12. listopadu 2011 v 22:11 | Luuca
Hello my dear readers!!
So now I'm going to post something in english...dunno why,I'm just in a ,,I need to tell the world something in english'' mood! :D
I'm sooo excited about my year in the US.I'ts going to be fabolous!!
Talking to the host families from america was sooo exciting and soo much fun!Of course I was nervous,but somehow all the families were soo kind and friendly and made me feel comfortable :)
I guess I'm going to talk about everthing really-without any connection-BUT at least it has to do something with my upcoming aupair-year-adventure!
Will I miss my friends and family??YESSSS!!!!Saying goodbye will be very hard for me,but I know that I'll come back and see them all again :) I think I'm going to miss my little two year old brother Sebastian the most..:( he's just such a sweetheart and he makes me smile every single day!(even if I'm in a bad mood)

Let's talk about what I'll miss in America and friends
2.German and Slovak TV!! :D
3.My bed!
4.all the clothes I will have to leave here :P
5.Prague clubs and night life...
6.Mummy's food :)

I'm tired now,so I guess I'm going to sleep now!

Good night for now :)

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